Why are Arbona Lifetime free connectors completely free of charge?

Due to the growing amount of advertising via Facebook family of apps, we have recognized the opportunity to create our own GDS connectors. Although there are already ready-made solutions,both commercial and free, they are simply not good enough to meet our standards and do not contain all the metrics and features that are specific to the considered platforms.


Those are the reasons why we developed our own connectors and started using them on a daily basis. Having in mind the amount of time and commitment required for development of the mentioned solutions, we wanted to help all those who are facing similar challenges in their Facebook advertising efforts. Now everyone can have their data simply formatted, accessible, displayed and shared, while saving lots of time and money. Simplicity of data source connection, usage of the metrics and creating reports in a matter of minutes – those are the main features of Arbona connectors, that you can now get completely free of charge.


Again, Arbona connectors “Facebook Ads” and “Facebook Insights” are completely free to use, and it will remain so – with no trial periods or restrictions on their use. There will be no limitations regarding the number of reports that can be generated, nor there will be any limits in the number of data rows that can be processed. Dedicated customer support experts are available 24/7 to help ensure the availability of the connectors, and to resolve any issues or concerns that may occur while using the connector.


Each of the connectors is designed to grant you speed, reliability and availability of every aspect connector’s features.


Access your data quickly, easily download your reports, share them with your clients or colleagues, and make your reports a creative and visually appealing presentation of your business that contains all the necessary metrics and information. As technology advances, so does progress in making reports that become the backbone of business to communicate with clients and to provide them with clear, understandable and presentable information.


We are definitely planning to update the Arbona connectors with new, additional metrics, to make their use get even easier and your experience better.


Start using Arbona’s free connectors today!